I Work at Nissan

I work at Nissan

Are you a Nissan worker who wants to learn more about how having a union can give you a voice? Learn more about why Nissan workers are demanding a fair union election, or how you can get involved:

  • Sign up for our email updates on the campaign.
  • Check out the FAQ’s below.
  • Request an appointment for a home visit to learn about how having a union would improve Nissan and the campaign to win a fair union election. Call (601) 859-2931 for more information.
  • Support our efforts! Join one of the following committees: Media Committee, Community Service Committee, Fair Election Committee or Volunteer Committee. Call (601) 859-2931 to learn more.
  • We want everyone to be involved in this effort – it’s your union! To find out how you can become part of the movement to call upon Nissan to do better, contact the local organizing office.Stop by the Nissan Workers Justice Center. We’re located at276 Nissan Parkway, Building F, Suite 300 Canton, MS 39046


1.) What is a union?

You are the union!

A union is a group of workers who choose to come together to look at common issues and make improvements, gain a voice on the job and build strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. A union is founded on a series of common goals. For example, we want our company to be successful, and to share in that success. We want to have a real voice at our workplace, and participate in decisions that affect our future. We want security, and to know that if we work hard that work will be respected. We want a better life at work, and real opportunity for our families.

The UAW is founded on the principle that workers must have a voice both in their workplace and in the operation of their union. “The precepts of democracy require that workers, through their union, participate meaningfully in making decisions affecting their welfare and that of the communities in which they live,” according to the UAW Constitution, “Workers must have a voice in their own destiny and the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives before such decisions are made.”

Sometimes, you might hear people say that “the union is a third party,” or that “we don’t need outside interference at our plant,” or that “it’s best when we deal with each other as individuals, not through some other organization.” But the truth is, you and your co-workers working together are the union. You will decide whom to elect as representatives, what issues you would like to resolve at the bargaining table, and whether to approve a contract. A union is a way to level the playing field, and provide workers with an organization that speaks for them as we find ways to make our plants the best they can be.

2.) What are “Right to Work” Laws?

Mississippi is a “right to work” state. This law speaks to one narrow issue – it means that Nissan employees  have the right to decide whether to pay dues and join the union.. It is the employee’s choice. It does NOT mean that workers there don’t have the right to form unions. They do. In fact, there are many workers all over the country – including in Mississippi – who have strong, effective unions in so-called “right-to-work” states.

Since Nissan is located in right-to-work states, it is up to each technician to decide whether or not to join the union and pay dues. For those who do join the UAW, dues do not go into effect until after a first contract is negotiated and approved by a majority of the members. No one would vote for a contract that did not more than compensate them for union dues.

3.) How does a UAW Affiliated Local Union Work?

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