Global Efforts

Nissan recognizes and collectively bargains with unions in Japan and across the globe. In fact, the majority of Nissan’s operations are unionized. Auto unions around the world, and Nissan unions in particular, have pledged their support for Mississippi workers and are calling on Nissan to DO BETTER and allow U.S. Nissan workers the chance for a free and fair union election.

On every continent, in every corner of the world, workers are standing up in solidarity with Mississippi workers. The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union recently sent a letter of disapproval to Nissan regarding the mistreatment of the Mississippi workforce. French unions also expressed their concern to Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn.   Join the campaign, sign up for updates and action alerts here.

See how countries around the globe support Nissan workers in the U.S:















News outlets all over the world are covering the story of Nissan workers in Mississippi. The articles below are linked to the Google Translate versions. Please note, if you receive an error from Google after going to the translated pages, try refreshing the page.

Coverage in more countries:

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