In Belo Horizonte, the UGT protests against Nissan globally

belo_horizonteThe General Union of Workers (UGT) of Minas Gerais today (September 26) organized a large demonstration in front of a Nissan dealership on Avenue Dom Pedro II, in downtown Belo Horizonte. Led by the national president of the UGT, Ricardo Patah, the demonstration was attended by about 150 workers from the retail and auto sectors.

“This movement is not against Nissan here in Brazil, but against Nissan in the United States, which does not allow their workers, especially those in Mississippi, to organize or bargain collectively. Our union was asked to provide solidarity and organize actions against Nissan in Brazil until the demands are met. We’ve organized protests in Curitiba, São Paulo, and another one today in Belo Horizonte,” said Ricardo Patah.

The president of the UGT also said that demonstrations such as this one will be organized in all of the capitals of Brazil that have Nissan dealerships. Also present were representatives of the United Auto Workers Union and the Service Employees’ International Union, both from the USA.

The UGT metal workers were participating in the 1st National Conference of Metal Workers, which suspended their conference temporarily to participate in the action, along with the UGT commercial workers’ union.  The protest caught the attention of all who passed by on Avenue Dom Pedro II, in front of the Nissan dealership.

Delson Oliveira, National Secretary of the UGT Metalworkers, said that “the struggle of American workers is also of Brazilians. And it is unacceptable that in the twenty-first century, a company like Nissan, and even more in the U.S., denies workers union representation and collective bargaining rights.”