A good deal for Mississippi? New research reveals that Nissan has been offered up to $1.33 BILLION in subsidies

Download the GJF report!

Download the GJF report

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(JACKSON, MISS.) – Members of the Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan (MAFFAN), Good Jobs First, Mississippi Student Justice Alliance (MSJA), Nissan workers and other supporters of Nissan workers’ right to organize will announce at a news conference Friday, May 17, the results of an extensive report from Good Jobs First on subsidies offered by Mississippi taxpayers to Nissan, which may ultimately total $1.33 billion – 3 ½ times the amount previously reported.

Participants will announce their view that while they are glad Nissan has located in Mississippi, the company has not provided the number of good jobs expected, is denying workers the right to decide freely whether to have a union, and the community must hold Nissan accountable for its actions. Nissan needs to make all of its temporary workers permanent. Nissan also needs to end its intimidation campaign and honor the Fair Election Principles, which call for equal time for union supporters, so workers can decide freely whether to have a union.

The report by Good Jobs First, a non-profit that studies corporate accountability and economic development subsidies, estimates that the financial assistance made available to Nissan equates to as much as $290,000 PER NISSAN JOB in Mississippi over the life of the subsidy programs.

They’ll also discuss why Nissan’s recent attempts to give more back to the Mississippi community are welcome but are not enough to stop the call for an end to intimidation and threats by the company against workers exercising their fundamental right to free association and having a voice on the job through unionization.

Thanks to the actions of community leaders, students and workers, Nissan is making high profile community investments and giving workers a raise after many profitable years for the company where workers saw no increase in wages. Their message to Nissan about community investment is clear:  Our community cannot be bought.  Nissan must respect workers and their community in the following ways:

  • Treat workers with dignity and respect. Nissan continuously denies workers in the Canton plant a fair union election. Nissan has intimidated workers who are interested in having a union, even though it is their right to choose for themselves. Nissan refuses to allow workers to hear both sides of the issue before making a decision.
  • Provide permanent jobs for all Nissan workers.  Nissan employs a high percentage of temporary workers who for years receive less pay, limited benefits and have no job security.  Mississippi expected an average wage of $45,309 for Nissan workers.  Temporary workers in the plant make nowhere near this wage.
  • Create all of the good-paying jobs the Mississippi taxpayers anticipated when they agreed to offer Nissan $1.33 billion in subsidies. Nissan hasn’t done this.

Who:          Phil Mattera, research director, Good Jobs First

Dr. Isiac Jackson, Jr., Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan Chair and General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi President

Reverend C.J. Rhodes, Mt. Helm Missionary Baptist Church

Tyson Jackson, Mississippi Student Justice Alliance

Nissan workers, students and other community leaders

When:        Friday, May 17 at noon

Where:      Front steps of the Mississippi State Capitol building, 400 High St., Jackson, MS

For more information, contact:
April Sciacchitano, (757) 793-4183, ASciacchitano@CRT-tanaka.com
Michele Martin, (313) 926-5291, mmartin@uaw.net
Download the Good Jobs First report


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