Letter to Mister Emmanuel Macron from Christian Hutin

Emmanuel Macron
Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs
139 rue de Bercy
75572 PARIS Cedex 12

12th of November, 2015

 Dear Minister,

Hutin Lee Linda_sm

Nissan technicians Linda Brown and Lee Ruffin visited in Paris with Member of Parliament Christian Hutin. The Frenh government hold almost 20% of the shares of Renault and 40% of the voting shares. The Nissan workers briefed Mr. Hutin and other French officials on Nissan anti-union campaign in Mississippi. One of the anti union policies the worker’s exposed was Nissan’s instituting a uniform policy that effectively prevents 100’s of union supporters from wearing the T shirt featuring Martin Luther King and Walter Reuther. MP Hutin then asked for his photo to be taken holding the shirt.

As vice -chairman of the Committee on Social Affairs, I had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the UAW (United Auto Workers) on Tuesday the 3rd of November at the National Assembly. These representatives came to expose the challenges they are faced with at the Nissan plant in Canton Mississippi (United States of America). The situation there is dire and sadly not new, with the rights of workers seriously being compromised. Regarding the harsh treatment of its employees, numerous reports have outlined the practices of upper management at this establishment.

Every possible step is taken to prevent the personnel from organizing a union inside the plant. Pressure, threats, harassment, routine propaganda, lowering of wages… Every possible step is taken to prejudice the rights of the workers in what is known to be a historic cradle of the civil rights movement in the United States of America.

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